We’ve built our own blockchain & wallet for fast and secure transactions.

We have re-invented the global equity blockchain – that is the secure, smart and easy-to-use platform, and it is the first cryptocurrency accepted Massive Multiplayer Online Games (MMO/G/RPG) Marketplace for fast and safe transactions. Using a cryptocurrency as the primary form of payment, MMOCoin’s transactions are recorded on the blockchain and are 100% audit-able for any and all disputes between users. Additionally, transactions can be finalized in a matter of seconds instead of waiting for long.

What is Tiered Staking?

MMOCoin is built on a unique feature called Tiered Staking.

Tiered PoS is actually the levels of Stake divided into the percentage of the coins consist in the wallet & we have divided the stake reward into the following levels (as per anum)

  • Holding 1-999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 1% stake reward
  • Holding 1000-9999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 2% stake reward.
  • Holding 10000-49999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 5% stake reward.
  • Holding 50000-99999 MMO in the OS wallet will provide 7% stake reward.
  • Holding 100000+ MMO in the OS wallet will provide 10% stake reward.


Use our secure digital MMO wallet to make transactions much faster.

mmo mobile wallet

Our secure digital wallet is currently available for Windows, Mac, Linux & contains the following features

  • Friendly UI
  • Send and receive MMOCoins in just a few seconds.
  • Hold and get staking reward (based on the tiered PoS)
  • Professional Network
  • No more expensive fees



MMOCoin Mobile Wallet is a digital wallet that helps you make MMOCoin transactions with utmost convenience.

  • ⚠️ Always remember your username, password & PIN Do NOT forget your username, password & PIN These cannot be changed and you will need them in order to restore your funds.
  • Easy to use with friendly UI.
  • Send and receive MMOCoins in just a few seconds.
  • Lightweight wallet.
  • Multiple choices for tx fee.

The Marketplace SHOP

The primary vision of MMO (RPG) marketplace is to reinvent the simplicity of global digital (game) assets trade. We reason to supply the comfiest & user-friendly transaction surroundings, that surely serves the MMO game enthusiasts.

The MMO marketplace consists of the subsequent functions.

Crypto Payment Gateway

Buy digital goods with MMOCoin

Easy to Track

Trace transactions through MMO blockchain.

Verified Merchants

Buy Safely from our verified merchants.


MMO Marketplace's secure escrow for more safety.

Acceptable currencies


Minimal transaction fee

Low transaction fee in MMO

MMO Marketplace Live

Easy to use Marketplace

The transaction process

Our Team TEAM

Introducing the team behind MMOPro, MMOCoin, and its development.

Apple (Nick)
CEO & Founder of MMOPro
Marketplace Head
Itamar Carvalho
Blockchain Developer
William Kibbler
Blockchain App Developer


Board Advisor
Peter Bou Dib
Advisor & Founder of CryptoNews Lebanon
Jim Tawar
Board Advisor


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MMORPG/MMOG Streamers can freely join our discord as “Streamer” and can promote their twitch/youtube in our stream channel >> https://discord.gg/MVh5AR8

Frequently asked questions FAQS

Below we’ve provided a bit of answer to the frequently asked questions related to MMOCoin. If you have any other questions, please get in touch using the contact menu below.

MMOCoin is a decentralized cryptocurrency consist on its own blockchain for the gamers and the traders.

The main usage of MMOCoin for gamers is in the marketplace because the gamers can buy their gaming assets and digital goods via MMOCoin on its own marketplace. Also, there will be MMOCoin Accepted games in near future.

That’s great! Because MMOCoin wasn’t just created for the gaming community. It is a multi-faceted, long living investment opportunity for everyone. It employs a unique, tiered Proof of Stake model that ensures a long, slow release of new coins into circulation.

MMOCoin is based on a unique tiered PoS feature also the MMO marketplace will become the first gaming marketplace where many other digital goods merchants will only accept MMOCoin (crypto) payments.

MMOCoin is based on Algorithm: Scrypt

Block time: 300 seconds, Minimum Stake Age: 4 hours, Maximum Stage Age: 2 months.

The total supply of the MMOCoin is 100M and the maximum supply is 260M (which can take around 20 years to reach the maximum supply)

You can trace MMOCoin transactions on its own blockexplorer which is https://blockexplorer.mmocoin.pro/

Proof-of-stake currencies can be more energy efficient than currencies based on proof-of-work algorithms. MMOCoin Algorithm scrypt also supports Proof-of-work but we have our own tiered-proof of stake (stake level) feature which makes our users/members to stick with PoS instead of PoW.

That is not a big problem because MMOCoin have two really good and trusted partners SimplePosPool.com & StakeCube.net which will help you to stake your coins without any hassle & you don't have to keep your system online for it. All you have to do is buy MMOCoins and Visit https://simplepospool.com or https://stakecube.net and deposit your MMO in your Simplepospool or Stakecube MMO wallet & you will receive staking rewards daily (depends on your balance). Also, you can withdraw your MMOCoins from SimplePoSPool.com or Stakecube.net anytime you want.

Tiered Proof of Stake (The Stake Levels) is the unique feature of MMOCoin. The Stake Rewards are based on the amount you hold in your MMOCoin Wallet. If you have 1-999 MMO in your OS Wallet you will receive 1% MMO Stake Reward, for 1,000-9,999 MMO in your OS Wallet you will receive 2% MMO Stake Reward, for 10,000-49,999 MMO in your OS Wallet you will receive 5% MMO Stake Rewrd, for 50,000-99,999 MMO in your OS wallet you will receive 7% MMO Stake Reward & for 100,000+ MMO in your OS wallet you will receive 10% MMO Stake Reward. Rewards are based on as per Anum.

MMO Marketplace is the first marketplace where many verified merchants will be accepting MMOCoin as payment for their digital goods and gaming assets.

Our merchants are 100% safe and verified & also we have our built-in ESCROW for safe and secure transactions.

Our marketplace is user-friendly, just add the product to your cart and check out. On the payment page, it will guide you on how to process the payment and track your order's transaction.

You can find the service/product delivery time in its description because all services and products are based on different criteria but our merchants will do their best to deliver the order as soon as possible.

Bitcoin, MMOCoin and other cryptocurrencies are the new technological innovation that has not yet been fully implemented into the legal framework of many countries across the globe. There are many legal aspects of Bitcoin, MMOCoin and cryptocurrency in general to consider. The laws that apply to Bitcoin typically apply to other cryptocurrencies, the umbrella term Virtual Currency is often used. You can read full details about Legality of cryptocurrency in different countries, taxation, money laundering, other legal issues, and legal status by country in the following link -> https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Legality_of_bitcoin_by_country


Any question? Message our staff member on discord and we’ll get back to you shortly.